Improving Relationships & Love Lives (!) – Part 2

This is a continuation from the last blog post which was seen here. This article is contributed by our Africats program coordinator for Tanzania, Kwabena Osai. More information from Mr Osai –

Now you have picked up the woman you want, the next step is to seduce her.

It seems to be hard especially in this complex world we live in. In fact, it is fairly easy. The Animal Kingdom has shared this knowledge to us eons ago, and you must apply it in your personal life. This is what the Africats training course will help you do.

Go watch some movies with great leaders and their wives, like the ‘Lion King.’ In the Lion King because a lion is considered king, like the ‘alpha male’. You are an alpha male already. All you need to do is act like one. You must be confident, secure, and also fun. This is the essence of the Africats Method that we have covered elsewhere in this website.

You must have a cool set of tools (like James Bond – have you seen the latest 007 flick, Skyfall?). Not just the gimmicky gadgets, but what does James Bond has and women is attracted to him so much? He’s got smart clothes, a clean look, piercing eyes, and a nice car. Women actually never know if you got an expensive suit or a cheap one from WalMart. But the main point here is how you present yourself like an ideal man, and with a correct attitude, you will seduce and win women over easily. You can learn how to get a girl to like you from a master seducer like James Bond for sure.

For the attitude part, below some of the tips that some men shared to us who are masters of seduction.

Tips On Presenting Yourself As The Alpha Man

  • Be the Alpha Male – As mentioned earlier, be the Alpha Male. Go watch National Geographic and watch territorial animals like lions or gorillas. The alpha male takes care of the whole family, secures them, and protects them when in danger. Be strong but sensitive also.
  • Push and Pull Technique – This method is used by master seducers. The simple explanation for this method is that a guy tries to push himself further, giving a notion that a guy likes the woman in a serious way. Then at a certain tipping point, you pull back on your affections to the lady. Sort of like making her ‘breathe’ a little. She will then ask for more of that attention and she will come to you aggressively. This is also called ‘fractionation’ in common hypnosis jargon. Scientists are still researching on this field (Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP) and it is regarded as one of the most effective means of seducing women.
  • Use Your Body – Verbal communication is good but not enough – use body language, and you will build that rapport or emotional connection easily. A simple touch of the hand, and you will know immediately if the girl wants to flirt or not. Being together in a vehicle or some area where both of your bodies are together can make ‘sparks fly’ as they say. Animals do it easily, why can’t we?  This method is proven effective if it is executed at the right moment. The recent presidential debate focused much on body language – an analysis can be seen here – body language deconstructed
  • Be in Control – Again, not sounding to be a sexist here, but try to be in control. Women like that. Even if the woman is a manager of a company, she still needs a man who can satisfy her emotionally. Or at least support her. That is what women want. Love. And love equals security and someone who can rely on – whether you have money or not.

If you need more information on our organizational improvement programs (which goes beyond love and relationships) then get in touch with your local Africats Organization coordinator. Thank you!

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