Playing Mind Games With Women

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This week, Africats resident dating guru Charlie McKenzie has this to say on the subject of mind games.

“If you are like most guys, then you want to find ways to control your girlfriend. Unfortunately, a lot of women are very hard to read. It can be very hard to play mind games with your girlfriend if she has a mental barrier intact. It can take a lot of practice to break down this mental barrier, but once you do it can pay off in huge ways. As you probably know, every woman is different so you will have to modify the techniques listed below accordingly. If you implement the strategies listed below, you should be able play mind games with any woman that you encounter. So, how can you play mind games with women? You can do this by “hacking” into her brain, and not use brainwave entrainment. Strange, but true.”

One game that a lot of men will play on a woman is acting like they are ignoring her. This is a wonderful mind game to play on a woman because it will make her feel like she needs you in her life in order to survive. Women do not like being ignored and being ignored makes them realize how much they need you. If you ignore the woman for a few days and then start paying attention to her again, it will increase her dependence on you. You will be able to exert more power over her because she will realize what could happen if she disobeys.

Overcoming Mind Games – The Africats Approach!

If you do not want to completely ignore her, you can always talk to her in brief sentences. If you know that your girlfriend has a weak mind, talking to her in brief sentences can yield the same results as ignoring her. For a few days, you should only respond when necessary. If she asks you how your day was, respond in one word and do not elaborate. When she asks you a question, never ask her the same question back. The goal of talking to her in brief sentences is to make her understand that she has done something wrong. When she realizes that you are upset with her and tries to do things to fix it, you’ll know that you have a lot of power over what she does. The more worried she is about your behavior, the more power you have over her. And if you want to learn how to flirt with a girl, read this article.

A third way to play mind games with a woman is by comparing her to other women. Women are very conscious of how they are perceived by others. You don’t even have to make a direct comparison in order to make your girlfriend jealous. You can say “your sister is so nice” and your girlfriend will take it as you thinking that she is nice than her. You should start out with subtle comparisons and see how she reacts. The more frustrated you see her getting, the more influence you have over her. If she is upset, it means that she values your opinion and recognizes that you hold power in the relationship. if she doesn’t get frustrated about your comparisons, it means that she doesn’t value your input.

The hotter a girl gets, the more likely it would be for her to play mind games. Strange, but true!”

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