The Africats Guide To The Flawless Marriage Proposal!

A brief recap of the blog posts on relationships advice posted so far here by experts from the Africats team:-

Roses almost always win!

Roses almost always win!

Now today we are shifting gears and talk about the marriage proposal! Today’s article is contributed by Susan Morgan, owner of the Susan & Patsy’s Dating Agency which is just right next to the Africats HQ here in Bridgeport. If you have any queries, contact Susan directly at

Ideas on How to Propose to Your Girlfriend (and Make Her Say Yes)

Do you need some ideas on how to propose to your girlfriend and make her say yes? Here are some of the best ways to do so… and we have tested this for years as a matchmaker. 🙂

  • Creatively use rose petals.

If you live with your girlfriend or know where she lives at the very least, scatter some rose petals on the front lawn that spell out “Marry me?” She is sure to say yes to this.

  • Go on a boat ride.

It might not seem this way at first, but proposing while on a boat happens to be a great way to propose to your girlfriend. If she doesn’t mind jokes and pranks, then take her someplace on a boat and pretend like the boat is stuck. Then, after pretending to struggle with fixing it for a bit, say something like, “I don’t mind getting stranded here forever and living my life with you until I die. Will you marry me?”

  • Hire a plane.

If you have the necessary funds for this method, then you should think about hiring a plane that can spell out your proposal for you. A simple “Marry me?” written in the air is sure to impress your future wife. If you need a contact in Bridgeport on plane hiring, let me know! 😉

  • Make a scrapbook.

This will take some effort, but will definitely be worth it in the end. Basically, just make a scrapbook of your best memories together. Then, near the end of the scrapbook, cut out a shape of a ring in the center of the pages, place the ring in it and when you turn to that particular page together, ask her to be your wife.

  • Plan a treasure hunt.

Planning an extensive treasure hunt would also be a great way to propose. To start, give your girlfriend a clue that isn’t too easy nor too hard. Keep giving her more clues until she reaches the last place, where you are waiting with the ring in your hand.

  • Re-visit the past.

Another great way to propose would be to take your girlfriend to the place where you first met. Once you get there, start reminiscing about the day that you met and then bring out the engagement ring, go down on one knee, and propose.

  • Take her to the beach before sunset.

If you have an accessible beach nearby, take her there before sunset. Enjoy the ride together, play your favorite music and then bring out the ring when the sun is setting and ask her to marry you.

  • Follow tradition.

Naturally, the most classic way to propose to your girlfriend would be to get down on one knee and ask her. As traditional and as predictable as this might sound, it still works most of the time. Of course, using a technique like the October Man Sequence would indeed increase your chances by about 1,000%.

  • Take her out to dinner.

Another classic way to propose would be to plan out a romantic dinner with her at an expensive restaurant and ask a pianist or a violinist to play your song while you are ordering dessert. Then, when the waiter brings out the dish with your order, have him place the ring on it, so you can just take it and pop the question. If you are in the Bridgeport area, check out Two Boots and Taberna Restaurant – tell them that Susan sent you!


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