Cougar Dating – An Exclusive!

Much of the Africats Method is developed with our core audience in mind (more details here). Many of our clients like to date mature women, and so we are releasing this mini-guide on Cougar Dating. I hope you enjoy this little guide. 🙂

Cougar (n.), a woman who’s well above 35, hot, single and looking to date men in their 20’s; single or divorced; the woman and not the girl.
Cougar bait (n.) a young, attractive guy in his 20s that the cougars are looking to date

My first introduction into what ‘cougar’ meant other than the big cat on the National Geographic was Stifler’s mom on the American Pie movie series, and then followed by the 2003 song by Fountains of Wayne, Stacy’s Mom. And then Demi Moore dated and married Ashton Kutcher. And then Courtney Cox produced and starred in CougarTown. And then the rest is mostly Hollywood history.

But cougars, to my surprise, are not some Hollywood myth. They are as real as can be and they probably are in every bar and social event in the city looking to hunt for their cougar bait. The thing is, 20 or 30 years ago, the idea of dating someone as old as your mom (or maybe even older) is just ridiculously unacceptable. But today, over the course of the last decade, something must have happened in the mindset of the society that dating a much older woman has become practically normal.

And it has become a life dream of most young guys out there – to be desired and dated by a really hot cougar *meowwrrr*. But it is for the selected lot. If you are one of these guys dreaming of becoming a cougar’s pet, here’s a heads up: to be attractive enough for the more mature women, you have to look like one hot guy with the manners and maturity of your English grand uncle, the intelligence of your ethics professor, and the humor and sense of adventure of Bradley Cooper (and his body too). Cougars have standards on men and dating higher than the standards of at least 15 women in their 20s, combined and magnified by ten times. After all, being a cougar is a chance and a time to have our ideal man in our 20s at our disposal.

Too much to take in? Okay, here’s a short, concise list of what you need to become, what you need to know, and what you need to have to date a true blue cougar. And this might not even be everything.

Woman to be fractionated and seduced

Cougars or mature women are better lovers, or so they say… according to

How To Date A Cougar – The Africats Method Adapted For Mature Women

  • Look good, smell good, dress well. They are not girls who are looking for men to marry, they are looking for company. Fit the part of the ultimate guy trophy and never be caught dead in loose baggy jeans. Say hi to the tux, the scents, and the shiny shoes. Want to know how to get a girl to fall in love with you? Simple – be dapper.
  • Have enough money to take her out. Sure the cougars are the moneyed women, but you still have to be the man. She does not like McDonald’s and she wouldn’t enjoy the scrappy dance club where most of your college friends go to. She likes bars where she can get her martinis and Moets and Merlots.
  • Bring your etiquette to the table. Don’t leave your manners at home son. Elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, don’t talk when your mouth is fall and sip on that drink quietly. You are her date, not her adopted son.
  • Be mature. Cougars are women who have been there, done that, and have seen male immaturity at its ugliest. Do not be needy. Do not send drunk texts. Be independent. She wants a confident, young man so full of life and energy – that’s the kind of youthfulness that will turn her on.
  • Be smart at conversations. Again, cougars want dates, not kids. Conversations are the first step to winning a cougar’s attention and if you cannot talk to her about the ‘sensible’ things in life, I’m sorry please try again.
  • Be confident. Confidence is key to women, cougars or regulars. Carrying yourself well will always be a turn on.

I am not sure what else a cougar wants and needs from her cougar bait but these things are fairly true. After all, these are 20-year old women’s ideal man only magnified and well, the closest thing they can have to perfection! 🙂

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