Fashionista Seduction Advice

To my readers,

I know a thing or two about being fashionable myself, I personally spend a lot of time looking good for seminars and events, but actually most women are fashionistas by nature……so men, look your best all the time. Men are generally used to having somebody else choose their clothes for them or fix them up.

In fact, women are usually the ones who ensure that their partners look presentable and clean before they go out together. Since women are fashionistas by nature and are always concerned about their partner’s looks, you might want to learn how to dress yourself up in order to seduce one of these women with ease. Here are some tips to help you out:

First and foremost, act the part. A gentleman who is dressed well generally exudes a distinctive vibe of success. Women find successful men very attractive, so aim to wear polished shoes and great accessories, like a fashionable watch, along with your clothes. If you look put together, you will look successful – it’s as simple as that.

There is one subtle advantage that comes with being well-dressed: men who know what good clothes entail are more likely to truly appreciate women’s clothes, too. So point out their good taste. Do you know how long women take to pick out outfits before going out? Some women even go shopping especially for an occasion, so it can be frustrating if the men that they dress up for don’t even notice the effort that they put into their fashion sense. So, make sure to compliment women on their clothes every now and then. They will definitely appreciate it. Still not convinced, take this dating advice.

You see, the main reason why women love men with fashionable taste, though, is that they will have exclusive bragging rights to them. So look brag-worthy. That’s right. Women love having a boyfriend or a husband who dresses like a model because they get to flaunt their dapper partner to their friends, neighbors and relatives. Face it: women always want to look great. Well, having somebody by their side who always looks great, as well, will do wonders for their ego.

This is why looks matter so much. Especially if you’re dating an older woman. If you want to seduce a good-looking and presentable fashionista, you need to know that these women will only be attracted to men with the same level of fashion sense as them. As they say, birds of the same feather flock together. So, if you preen yourself regularly, you are more likely to win over the kind of woman who looks great at all times.

If you need help picking out fail-safe pieces for your wardrobe, then you should know that you can always depend on a striped necktie with subtle patterns. These kinds of ties do not just command attention; they also command respect. Want to know what your tie says about you? Find out here. The best part is that they come in different patterns and colors, so you can find one to suit any season or occasion. A pinstripe tie would be a good staple choice, as well.

In today’s fashionable world, women aren’t the only ones who have to strive to look their very best anymore. Men are expected to look stylish, too. Fortunately, the right clothes won’t just make you look great; they will also help you move with confidence and succeed at winning your dream girl over at the same time. Follow looking good with closing a date fabulously and she’ll be all yours.[15]

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