Africats Steps to Closing a Date Fabulously

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This week’s blog post is in response to a reader’s enquiry on how to leave a girl wanting more at the end of a date, so we turned to Africats resident dating guru Charlie McKenzie.

He says, “The true success of a date is never fully measured by how much you impressed your date when you picked her up, or how well or poorly your entire date went. The final test in every preliminary date is on how well you ended it. You may have mastered everything that’s written on but still end up spoiling your first date.”

See, girls remember the last thing you did on your date – unless of course if you picked her up in a chopper or if you ordered jumping live prawns for dinner. How you ended the night after your date will leave that lasting impression over everything else you’ve done for the night.

How you end the night after your date will leave that lasting impression over everything else you’ve done for the night. So how do you end a date, gracefully and fabulously – regardless of how the date went on? How do you become an ultimate gentleman that girls will only have great things to say even when you never call them again?

Well, here are some tips, first end the date by making a suggestion. Do not suggest going home right in the middle of your conversation. Do not even suggest it right at the peak of the date – when you’re laughing or talking about something. Wait for the conversation to lay low, then slowly insert the idea of it being late, or that you didn’t notice the time. And then start with a ‘shall we…’ so it doesn’t sound like you are shooing her away but that you both are going your separate ways. If you enjoyed the night, then say so. If it was a horrible night, keep it to yourself and make your suggestion gracefully.

Keep a look out for non verbal cues. Sometimes, a date may end absolutely much sooner than you’d expected or hoped for. If her body language suggests that she is ready to go home or that there is practically nothing else to do at wherever you’re having a date, then it’s time to cue your exit. But if the two of you are clearly having fun, you may linger a while longer and wait for the conversation to peak down before making your suggestion. Here’s a good article from a body language expert.

And don’t forget to end it the exact same way you started it. If you picked her up at home, then by all means do not let her go home in public transport – no matter how awfully awkward the drive is going to be. Drive her home and do not leave until she’s safely inside her house. On the other hand, if you two met at the venue, at least see her safely inside a cab and don’t leave until she’s out of sight.

Always say the right parting words. You can’t just end your date night with nothing more than a simple goodbye! But you should not use that as a hall pass to lie. You don’t really have to say ‘I had a great time’ when you really had a horrible time thinking about how to keep the conversation going. You can end it with a simple ‘Thanks for the night. Goodnight and take care’. ‘I’ll call you soon’ or ‘See you again sometime’ is not a generic requirement for your parting words if in truth, you don’t want to call or see her again. Say it only when you mean it.

To those who have emailed me about making a “series” out of the how-to’s (like how to attract a fashionista, etc.) I’ve written, thanks. I will come up with that soon.

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