Battling the Tummy Bulge

Hello and a warm welcome from Africat’s. As I regularly travel to events and seminars I struggle to eat sensibly myself. And, it’s no secret that more and more women are finding it hard to win the battle against stress and emotional eating every day. Yes, it has become a problem for many—as the stress levels go up, it’s almost certain that those extra pounds will follow suit.

I used to belong to the category of women who would grab the remote then call Domino’s (hands down food for the gods–pizza) almost immediately after experiencing a minor setback, be it work-related or emotions-related. I guess it’s just a defense mechanism that I had mastered in order to cope up with stress, and of course it led to nothing but weight gain. You could actually tell from my body whether or not I am in a stressful or stress-free relationship!


Unhealthy eating will never change anything about the situation that worries you.

Most of us know that meditation has a lot of benefits that mostly lean towards spiritual growth and mental stability. But I found out that meditation can also help in creating proper and healthy eating habits—thus leading to weight loss.

Studies have always shown how meditation allows the mind to grow—literally and figuratively—thus making mediators more adept in controlling thoughts and say no to anxiety and distractions. Breathing techniques allow the mind to relax and get rid of thoughts, and in most cases—those thoughts of a greasy cheeseburger, about 3 slices of red velvet cake, or about 10 rasher slices. But kidding aside, the ability to “shut the outside world” and be at peace with one’s surroundings makes it easy to control binge eating that is caused by stress and anxiety.

Nowadays meditation is progressing over time, as more and more branches and techniques are developed. This makes it easier to explore the powers and benefits of meditation. Brainwave entrainment, for one, is beginning to rise in popularity. It seems like a too-technical word when I first heard it, but in layman’s terms, brainwave entrainment is simply a process that utilises the brain’s frequencies to create desired behaviour and thoughts. It combines technology, a whole lot of auditory stimulation, and a little meditation in order to achieve its goal. Being a practitioner of meditation, I found it as a great complement in helping me to finally cut stress out of my life that will eventually lead to more bites, then guilt, and lastly—unwanted pounds. I realized, binge eating isn’t EVER going to be one of the ways to get an ex back. Ever.

Whenever you find yourself opening the refrigerator during moments of anxiety and stress, breathe. Relax. Then breathe again. With this simple exercise, you are already trying out the basic techniques of meditation. Speaking of exercise, find out here why working out benefits your love life. Whenever you’re ready, you can meditate for at least twice a day for 10-15 minutes. That’s all it takes. Remember, everyone starts off small—but over time, your patience and discipline would definitely pay off in great amounts.

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