Become a “Better” You

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As a seasoned webmaster, I know that Africat’s is all about self-improvement and meditation can be a big step towards that. Start off by checking out the Africats Method by going to:

But how do you actually make yourself better? How do you become a “better” man?

Something big and life changing must have happened to you to try to get answers to this question. You have either been badly rejected or rejected too often. Or you’ve just come out of the breakup. At some point in our lives, men and women alike, we come to ask ourselves if we are good enough or if we are ever worth anything at all. We also begin to wonder if there is, by any chance, a better version of ourselves. While it is not as dramatic as it is to us girls, the impact of it to the male kind is more magnanimous I believe.


Sense of achievement – on top of hill – doing a deep work.

For whatever drove you to this question, here are some suggestions to help you achieve the improvement you’re longing for.

Start of and assess yourself in its present form. Who are you today? What are you today? Being better is not only changing and improving everything that is in you but also to recognize what’s already good in you. What are you good and bad at? What are the best and worst things about you?

Second, just focus on one thing at a time. Improve yourself one category at a time. Is it on your self esteem? Is it at work? Is it on your relationship with your family or how you relate with women? Is it your body that needs some workout? All of it and more?

Find one thing that you would want to improve first. Doing them altogether will give you half baked results so maintain focus on one thing at a time. Set your goals and achieve them one by one.

A great tip is to find a role model. It could be your gym trainer, your dad or your boss. It could even be your good ol’ next door neighbor! There is always someone who’s so good at something you just want to be them.

Find a role model and inspiration to help keep you going even at the most trying times of your self-improvement phase. And get your closest circles involved. Tell your girlfriend, family, best friends about your plan. Anyone who discourages you from getting better is better off outside of your personal self-improvement circle. If you need more great advice, take the Sonic Seduction advice on asking a woman out.

Share this only with people who you know will encourage you, uplift you, and support you in every way possible and necessary. Your closest circle will remind you of your goals when you can’t seem to see the point of what you are doing.

Become better for yourself, not for someone else. Do it for yourself. Don’t lose weight just because your girlfriend or the girl you’re dating wants to see six-pack abs. Do it because you want to be healthy. Don’t quit smoking because it makes your wife mad. Do it because you want to live long enough for your kids. Don’t set goals that are set for you by someone else or because someone else is pressuring you to do it. Ask a loved one to help you quit smoking. Become a better person because you want to. Other people can and should only inspire you to achieve your better self; they should never dictate what you want.

What are your self-improvement goals this year? In what ways do you desire to be better? If you need more great advice, check out this article on working out and how it can benefit your dating life.


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