Money and Relationships

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As a meditation, yoga and dating website, Africats deals with a lot of different types of advice. I know I’ve used a few of their key ideas from our blog posts in my personal life, especially the meditation techniques; I find the Africats Method truly helpful. Check it out. But I also know that stress happens in relationships and when people are starting a relationship and are happily in love, money is the least of their concerns. You don’t talk about money when you’re too busy kissing and cuddling after all. You don’t need money to be intimate with your girlfriend unless you’d want to be intimate in a five-star hotel room.

However, later in the relationship, reality seeps in and money becomes a constant presence. After all, again, you don’t spend the rest of your relationship in your basement bedroom. Love will keep you alive but well, it couldn’t feed you. You have to eat, you have bills to pay, you have to buy things for yourself.

Common Money-Related Issues in Relationships

Oftentimes, problems stemming from money come from the lack of it. You can hardly find people who have a lot of money fighting over who gets to foot the bill for the electricity or who pays for tonight’s Chinese delivery.

The most common of issues related with money that hound relationships among the middle class earners is when one earns more than the other. And this is especially true if she earns more than you do. When your girlfriend ears more than you, you either feel emasculated and your ego is crushed whenever she takes out her wallet for dinner, or that she begins to complain when you seem to be just happy and content waiting for her to pay for you.

Another common problem is when you are both earning around the same but the other seems not as willing to take responsibility for the bill. Well, that just sucks when your partner is a cheapskate.

How to Address Money-Related Relationship Problems

Hard as it is to be having this kind of problem, addressing it and finding a solution for it (one that does not spell BREAKUP) is even harder.

Money lives very close to our egos and addressing your partner’s cheapskate-ness or her joblessness is very difficult. It is even more difficult if your girlfriend addresses you for the exact same things.

But it is never impossible to solve anyway. And here are some tips on how to address your money-related problems.

Just sit down and talk about it. Screaming and fighting and becoming violent about it won’t help a bit. No it won’t.

Be sure to address the issues. If you or your girlfriend doesn’t have a job, maybe you both can help the other find a living. Unemployment is everywhere but it is never impossible to find a job. Don’t look for another girlfriend. It’s not the solution. But if you do breakup, learn how to meet women here.

Importantly, take care not to judge the other person. If your girlfriend is slamming you for being jobless, or your girlfriend is jobless, trust me she is the least bit happy about it.

Remember that your girlfriend is more important than money. You’ll never get to cuddle cash so be careful when getting into money fights with her or risk losing her forever.

Its hard but money is a very bad enemy and ideally, it should never get in between couples. It is even said in the Bible that love for money is the root of all evil. But since reality calls for all of us to be having money-related worries every now and then, the best thing couples can do about being in a dating situation that’s stained by money issues is to be united, and not divided by a couple of bucks.

If you’ve offended her in connection with money, and you didn’t mean to, learn how to say sorry effectively with this article.

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