Over 50? The Worst Mistakes You Make on a Date

Hey guys, so today’s post is for those you’re 50 and single. Africat’s is there for you at all stages of dating; not just for yoga and meditation advice. Be sure to check out the Africats Method by going to:  http://africats.org/2013/02/africats-new-course-on-meditation-coming-soon/. So whether it’s by choice, chance, or pure misfortune, here you are at 50 trying to begin your life and opening yourself to the possibility of romance. CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY! It takes guts to go out there and get yourself an online dating profile or a blind date!

Being old doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

However, you have to remember that the dating scene for the golden guys and golden girls are so much different from when it was during your Afro-and-bellbottoms years. More likely than not, your dating skills have become rusty – unless you’ve been a George Clooney for most of your single life and was a serial dater. So here are some heads up – learn from the senior men before you have made and avoid making these exact same dating mistakes.

Number one, do not date a very, very, very, very young girl. You can’t all be Hugh Hefner’s. And even Hugh Hefner got stalled on his own wedding with a girl half a century younger! Seriously, please date someone who’s at least within ten years your age – or maybe someone at least fifteen years older than your youngest child. If you’re looking for a long term, serious relationship, a girl who could pass up as your granddaughter could not give you that. Go for someone who can understand how it feels to wake up with arthritis or why you don’t feel like showering on some days.

Secondly, be honest on your online profile. Yes, we understand the need to boost your confidence and desire to look really good. But you really don’t have to lie to achieve that! Use your most recent photo silly! Not confident enough? Dress your best and go for a professional photographer. At best, they know how to get your best angle; at worst, they are equipped with Photoshopping skills to enhance the photo (without lying about your appearance!). Here is Matt Ganz’ advice on how to find a girlfriend to help you. Do not disappoint future dates by coming out as yourself when they were expecting your Tom Cruise-esque online self. That would deflate your ego in a far worse way.

And always try to look great on a date. The thing about senior dating is that most senior men forget that they still have to look good. It’s still a date mister! By all means dress the part! You don’t need to spend up your entire retirement paycheck to dress fancy; but at least look and smell great. Don’t forget to shave, brush your teeth (nobody wants to see last night’s broccoli) and wear clean clothes. Make your date feel like you are taking care of yourself well, and that you can still do that to them. It would also help a lot to get some regular exercise! Find out here how a workout improves your dating life.

When you’re on the date be sure to be interesting and interested. Talk about your interests and interesting things but take time to listen to your date as well. You’re on a date – adult, mature conversation – and not having a monologue.

Lastly, just be less rigid and have fun. Just because you’re old does not mean you can’t be fun. And dating doesn’t change; read here for more on closing your date fabulously.

Okay, so I’ve told you what to do, and here’s what NOT to do and why you shouldn’t date a divorcee. Being old is never an excuse to become a sloppy lover or at least a bad date. Find that youthful glow in you and have fun!

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