Speed Dating: Not All Fun

So I recently attended a speed dating event, this is how I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this subject. And sure, speed dating can be fun. I will not go about generalizing it as fun for everyone because, really, it can be really awkward at best and horrible at worst. But it can seriously be fun and it can be a great way to meet potential girlfriends.

On top of that, speed dating is highly cost-efficient. This is one pro of going on a speed date, according to this Yahoo! article. Apart from the registration fee that you would likely have to pay or the amount of booze that you have to avail at your local bar that sponsored it, there is practically nothing to spend on when going on a speed dating event. You can meet as many girls in a single speed dating night as you meet in month or two of bar-hopping every weekend night and wedding crashing. Not only that, these girls you meet in a speed dating event are not only opportunities to meet prospective lovers but are actually networks of women that could lead you to your Ms. Right. That, or maybe some business or job opportunity at an unexpected time.

But then again, there still are real reasons why a lot are still not keen on going on a dating spree aka speed dating. Here are some of the reasons speed dating can be a negative thing. Check this article from Sydney Morning Herald.

To begin with speed dating really denies you the quality time to spend with a woman and fools you into believing that the quantity of women you meet are good enough. Really, what can you talk about in 2 or 3 minutes? If you have a lot of funny pick up lines to tell, I’m sure you’ll be running out of time. Sure you meet tons of women in one night, but in reality, how many of them even turned out to be women interesting enough to go out with on a real date?

And also with speed dating, you get through the awkward stage of getting to know a stranger more times than you would actually ever do in real life – and with women that you would otherwise have ignored. Trying to impress and get to know a girl you like in a bar or some other public location is hard and awkward enough; what more if you have to do it with someone that would never have made it to your shortlist of interesting women? Just think of how many longest-2-minutes-of-my-life scenarios you are ever going to have in one sitting.

It’s a way to get rejected too many times in one single occasion. No one wants to be rejected. But seriously, unless you are Casanova, you cannot impress every girl you meet at the speed dating event. And so rejection might just come in hoards – sometimes even more than you and your ego can ever take.
And let’s face it, the competition is just too high. There are about as many men as there are women in a speed dating event and you all want the same thing: to get a date. But even when more may mean merrier, more also directly translates to tighter competition. You might exactly find The One for yourself but she may have found it in someone else – and that’s some good reason to curl up in a ball and cry in frustration and failure. Becoming the better man is hard when faced with twenty-plus as competition for that one girl who is actually, really interesting.

There are realistic reasons why some people are not huge fans of speed dating. Simply said, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Weigh in the pros and cons and save yourself from getting stuck in a messy, speedy situation. But if you do make it on to a real date; be sure to read this for great tips on advice on closing the date fabulously.

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