Spoil Her Without Going Broke

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So it’s a universal truth that women love being spoiled. As true as the fact that I have to attend a seminar each month and that we at Africats are about more than just meditation and yoga, we give great dating advice too. For more on meditation though; check out the Africats Method by going to:  http://africats.org/2013/02/africats-new-course-on-meditation-coming-soon/.

Women love being lavished with love, showered with attention, and getting tons and tons of affection. And according to my self-confessed ultimate spoiler of a boyfriend, men love spoiling their girlfriends too! And who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t love a woman’s child-like look of delight, the never ending shower of love in reciprocation for the love received, and that feeling of satisfaction of having shown so much love where it’s due? A man who has truly ever loved will definitely know this feeling.

What most men hate about spoiling women, or at least the idea of spoiling women, is that it is a very expensive thing to do. Well, I have two things to say to this: (1) yes, it can be a little expensive that’s why you don’t do it often; and (2) you don’t need to go broke over it.

Spoiling your woman goes more than just taking her on a day-long, take-everything-you-want shopping spree; that’s just one kind and it only satisfies a small part of herself; not to mention, this is mostly impossible for most men to achieve. Spoiling your ladylove involves a holistic sense of satisfaction and happiness, of making her feel loved and cared for in levels exceeding what she thinks she needs nor deserves; you overwhelm her.

So spoil her without spending too much. What am I talking about? How can you spoil your woman without breaking a month’s worth of gas and groceries? Read on for some spoiling ideas. Start off by cooking for her. Why take her to a fancy three course dinner date when you can simply make it yourself? Well, this is where I get all my dating and relationship advice. Read on for some spoiling ideas:

Grab nana’s old book of homemade goodies – yes, the same ones you’ve loved on the Sundays of your childhood – and get your butt in the kitchen! What’s so hard (or expensive) about some straight-from-the-can cream of mushroom soup for starters, some aglio e olio pasta (really, pasta can never be this easy), and some good ol’ chocolate cake from her favorite pastry shop? The secret, my friends, is presentation. Google food presentation ideas and you’re good to go!

Next tip, give her a massage. It could be a simple foot massage after a long day in heels, or a full body massage (pre- or post-sex, doesn’t really matter). Use scented oils (very cheap at your local pharmacy or mini-mart). Light up her favorite scented candles, play some feel-good, spa-esque songs (Enya or some Bossa Nova will do; instrumentals will also work perfectly), and voila.

Andy and Jessie during the teambuilding game

Another way to spoil her is treat her like a queen for an entire day. On some random weekend, whip her up breakfast in bed, prepare her a bath (complete with the works of bubbles, champagne, rose petals, anything that catches your fancy), let her do whatever she wants while you TAKE CARE OF THE HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Laundry, vacuuming, dog walking, cooking – everything. You won’t have to spend a dime, and she’ll definitely love, love, love it.

As far as I know, there’s nothing really expensive about any of these ideas. And more importantly, there’s not a thing not to love on this list!

Read here for some great advice on closing a date fabulously, whether it’s expensive or not! You’re welcome!

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