Confused? What to Do If She’s Sending Mixed Signals

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Today’s article is about how women tend to send mixed signals sometimes. That’s almost second nature for the female lot. You could blame it on women’s fickleness, or on women’s uncertainty on how to say what they exactly mean without being misled (oh the irony). In some, though rarely, some women actually do it to keep the men hooked. Sadly, or not, it works. But for whatever reason the woman you’re with is sending you mixed signals, I know for a fact that it’s really not the happiest place to be in. Men – born and wired for precision and decisiveness and accuracy – just can’t handle so much guessing and interpretation and reinterpretation. It drives men crazy and it’s even harder to get out of than it actually seems.

So how do you handle this? What do you do when you find yourself under fire from her mixed signals? What do you do when everything she’s doing, everything that already screams bipolar and toxic in every level, is driving you insane?

When a woman sends mixed signals, take a cue. Here are some tips on what to do when a woman sends mixed signals. First off just ignore it. Completely ignore the fact that she is confusing you. Whether or not she is doing it on purpose, the best way out of it is to just get your head out of it. This may be difficult and just as impossible to achieve but the more you think about it, the more confused you get. And only logically, the more screwed up you are. Just ignore whatever she’s doing. This is also your way of telling her that you actually are not one who plays the game and that whatever she’s doing is not working on you (and that you deserve to be treated better).

Another tip is to try and divert your attention onto something else. Focus on school, work, your friends, or focus on a new hobby. You can never fully achieve ignoring her until you keep your hands full with something else. PS: divert your attention to something else, not someone else. Diverting your attention does not mean dating someone else. Putting some other woman in the picture – who could potentially and just equally confuse you just as much – would complicate things. –Read this article at

Find the courage to ask her straight-in-the-face for a straight-in-the-face answer. If you want the right answers, ask the right questions. A direct question would serve as an ultimatum, pressuring her to actually give out an answer – a definite one. Show her that you don’t have the patience, the time, and the heart to be under this ‘game’ of hers and that you need answers from her. More often than not, women just send mixed signals because you have been sending her the same yourself without you knowing it. By asking her directly, you are also telling her blatantly what your intentions are.

Always talk to her honestly. In every occasion you get to talk to her, always be honest. That should tell her enough that you’re not one for the BS and that she ought to treat you with honesty and respect too. For more info on mind games women can play check out this article.

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