Sport the Bald Look With Pride

Hi readers,

I was at a meditation seminar recently and I must admit my mind was wandering as the speaker talked, mostly because he was wearing a rather bad wig. I assume to hide the fact that he was going bald. Growing up, I’ve always thought men were okay with being bald. I see them everywhere – in kids at school whose parents are avid fans of martial arts movies, when watching basketball, and practically just everywhere there’s always someone with lesser hair than others.

And then I grew up. I grew up and I realized that actually, not a few men are so worried about losing hair and getting bald. Hair thinning is a natural progression, only that it gets more obvious in men than women when we get older. However, have it much, much earlier than others and the hair is thinning and getting lost faster than the brain and the ego could ever accept it.

Hair loss is what premature wrinkling is to women. Men would rather have grey hair anytime – anytime – over a full skinned head. It seems like the ultimate surrender to ageing.

But guess what – IT IS NOT THAT BAD! In fact, it is not bad at all! Bald men are perceived to be strong, and have impressive leadership qualities. And if you sport it the right way, you’d be surprised to find out how great you look and feel with it! Hey, read this to know how to start conversations with women.

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Why shaven is better: if your hair is slowly leaving you, strand by precious strand, or you’ve decided that shaving off all your hair would help you become a better person, but you don’t know how to look good in it, read on. Lose the wig, lose the cap, and stop pulling all your back hair forward to make it seem like it’s still there; What to do? let me tell you why your shaven head is better and how to rock it:

Stand proud and rock it like an action star. Vin Diesel. Jason Statham. Bruce Willis. What a great clean-shaven head needs is a tough persona. Wear it with some leather jackets (in the right weather and the right occasion PLEASE), the right pair of shades, and the right kind of attitude, you’re going to get them hooligans shaking at the sight of you and girls will definitely feel all Demi Moore-ish around you (or at least the younger one) or Rosie Huntington Whitley if you want something more current.

Or go for the wise and mysterious look. Patrick Stewart was bald when he played Captain Picard in the Star Trek series. He was also bald when he played Professor X. And in both movies he perfectly portrayed the role of a mysterious person who’s so full of wisdom. Remember, girls dig intelligent men.

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And lastly, understand that you can look more athletic. Don’t mind that Lebron James is trying to hide his receding hairline with his headbands. He’ll come to terms with himself on that matter sooner than later. Some of his fellas up in the NBA have found the good in keeping the bald look – Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Tony Parker to name a few. Just like rocking the action star look, a little attitude will get you a long, long way to achieve this look.

Finally, just stop denying it. If you can’t stop it, embrace it. You’ll realize that a little attitude, and acceptance of this new look will save you the frustration – not to mention the cash on hair re-growth supplements.

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