You’re Late for a Date, Now What?

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So it’s a universal truth that we live in a biased society and there is hardly anything that can change that. As a seasoned traveller around seminars and events, I meet a whole range of people. The world can forgive, and possibly expect, women who show up late for a date for even as much as 2 hours. Of course that’s too horrible but women somehow more easily gets out of these scenarios with a bat of an eyelash or a hair flip coupled with the sweetest smile.

But you, men, on the other hand, are not quite as lucky as us ladies. The thing is, men are victims of the society’s double standards. A woman can get away with being late for an hour because she was making herself presentable for her date. A man who comes in 15 minutes than the appointed time, or at the very least comes in after the woman has arrived is a jerk who is so irresponsible with his time and disrespects his date.

So maybe that is true in some cases. But sometimes, some things just come up and you barely make it to your date at all. Here are some ways to survive being late for a date without looking like the biggest a-hole in the planet:

If you know early on that you cannot possibly make it on time, call ahead and move the time of your date. That’s one of Matt Ganz’ tips on picking up women. Make an effort and find a way for you to inform your date of the delay rather than leave her waiting for you for hours in a crowded restaurant and possibly putting her in the frontlines of preying men. Make amends and make sure you come with compensation for being late. Read this piece for how to say sorry effectively.

Whatever the reason is (traffic, etc) let her know. To begin with, if your tardiness was caused by some last minute occurrence like getting stuck in traffic or some emergency meeting at work, still make an effort to inform her. Being stalled or at least thinking that you have been stalled is not quite the best feeling in the world. Make sure you come in with an apology and a token for an apology. When you can, stop by for the most beautiful flowers to compensate for your tardiness. Best of all, pull off the most apologetic look on your face.

Don’t forget to apologize sincerely but don’t linger. Don’t leave her asking why you are late. Be honest about why you’re late even if it meant admitting you overslept on your afternoon nap. Here are some tips on how to say sorry effectively. But don’t linger in the apology. It will make it worse than it actually is and make her feel worse too. You’ve started on the wrong foot; don’t walk around in it all night. After apologizing, start on a new topic and get on ahead with the date careful not to talk about your tardiness again.

Finally, my best piece of advice is to be so awesome she’ll forget you made her wait. The only thing worse than a guy coming in late for a date is being a sloppy date. Be your most awesome, most fabulous self and impress her to the umpteenth level of the moon and the stars.
There’s no excuse for making a girl wait but if you have, don’t fail to compensate.

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