Money and Relationships

Hi all, As a meditation, yoga and dating website, Africats deals with a lot of different types of advice. I know I’ve used a few of their key ideas from our blog posts in my personal life, especially the meditation techniques; I find the Africats Method truly helpful. Check it […] Read more »

Fashionista Seduction Advice

To my readers, I know a thing or two about being fashionable myself, I personally spend a lot of time looking good for seminars and events, but actually most women are fashionistas by nature……so men, look your best all the time. Men are generally used to having somebody else choose […] Read more »

Working Out and How It Benefits Your Dating Life

A warm welcome from! So we’ve all practically mastered the benefits of regular exercise to the body. Africats is all about self improvement and becoming the best version of yourself. Check out the the Africats Method by going to: It keeps our bodies in condition, makes our bodies […] Read more »