Playing Mind Games With Women

Hi readers, This week, Africats resident dating guru Charlie McKenzie has this to say on the subject of mind games. “If you are like most guys, then you want to find ways to control your girlfriend. Unfortunately, a lot of women are very hard to read. It can be very […] Read more »

Improving Relationships & Love Lives (!) – Part 2

This is a continuation from the last blog post which was seen here. This article is contributed by our Africats program coordinator for Tanzania, Kwabena Osai. More information from Mr Osai – Now you have picked up the woman you want, the next step is to seduce her. It […] Read more »

Improving Relationships And Love Lives: A Lifelong Mission

Here at the Africats Organization we are committed to improving the quality of life of mankind, and so we are rolling out programs which touch the multiple aspects of a man’s life: career, relationships, health and money. We are especially concerned with the increased need for men to be good […] Read more »