The Africats Guide To The Flawless Marriage Proposal!

A brief recap of the blog posts on relationships advice posted so far here by experts from the Africats team:-

Roses almost always win!

Roses almost always win!

Now today we are shifting gears and talk about the marriage proposal! Today’s article is contributed by Susan Morgan, owner of the Susan & Patsy’s Dating Agency which is just right next to the Africats HQ here in Bridgeport. If you have any queries, contact Susan directly at

Ideas on How to Propose to Your Girlfriend (and Make Her Say Yes)

Do you need some ideas on how to propose to your girlfriend and make her say yes? Here are some of the best ways to do so… and we have tested this for years as a matchmaker. 🙂

  • Creatively use rose petals.

If you live with your girlfriend or know where she lives at the very least, scatter some rose petals on the front lawn that spell out “Marry me?” She is sure to say yes to this.

  • Go on a boat ride.

It might not seem this way at first, but proposing while on a boat happens to be a great way to propose to your girlfriend. If she doesn’t mind jokes and pranks, then take her someplace on a boat and pretend like the boat is stuck. Then, after pretending to struggle with fixing it for a bit, say something like, “I don’t mind getting stranded here forever and living my life with you until I die. Will you marry me?”

  • Hire a plane.

If you have the necessary funds for this method, then you should think about hiring a plane that can spell out your proposal for you. A simple “Marry me?” written in the air is sure to impress your future wife. If you need a contact in Bridgeport on plane hiring, let me know! 😉

  • Make a scrapbook.

This will take some effort, but will definitely be worth it in the end. Basically, just make a scrapbook of your best memories together. Then, near the end of the scrapbook, cut out a shape of a ring in the center of the pages, place the ring in it and when you turn to that particular page together, ask her to be your wife.

  • Plan a treasure hunt.

Planning an extensive treasure hunt would also be a great way to propose. To start, give your girlfriend a clue that isn’t too easy nor too hard. Keep giving her more clues until she reaches the last place, where you are waiting with the ring in your hand.

  • Re-visit the past.

Another great way to propose would be to take your girlfriend to the place where you first met. Once you get there, start reminiscing about the day that you met and then bring out the engagement ring, go down on one knee, and propose.

  • Take her to the beach before sunset.

If you have an accessible beach nearby, take her there before sunset. Enjoy the ride together, play your favorite music and then bring out the ring when the sun is setting and ask her to marry you.

  • Follow tradition.

Naturally, the most classic way to propose to your girlfriend would be to get down on one knee and ask her. As traditional and as predictable as this might sound, it still works most of the time. Of course, using a technique like the October Man Sequence would indeed increase your chances by about 1,000%.

  • Take her out to dinner.

Another classic way to propose would be to plan out a romantic dinner with her at an expensive restaurant and ask a pianist or a violinist to play your song while you are ordering dessert. Then, when the waiter brings out the dish with your order, have him place the ring on it, so you can just take it and pop the question. If you are in the Bridgeport area, check out Two Boots and Taberna Restaurant – tell them that Susan sent you!


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Africats New Course On Meditation Coming Soon!

Africats will soon be launching a new course on meditation and specifically using brainwave entrainment. Our members have been complaining about the lack of technical courses on how to merge yoga and meditation in order to attain “alpha state” and silent the mind. We will soon partner up with external experts and gurus (such as the Yoga Institute as well as the good folks from in order to come up with a good coursework on using brainwave synchronization to aid meditation.

Our training will take two days (refreshments provided), and will cover the following topics:-

As always, we will need feedback from our members in order to come up with a good quality coursework. If you have specific ideas you want to share, then email us at We will try our best in coming up with a high quality course which will meet your needs.

Email us!

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Africats Organization Is Moving Into Its Own Building! (Or, A Primer In Commercial Real Estate Investing)

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are currently moving into our own building in Bridgeport after much analysis on buying vs renting our own place.

The below piece is written by our CEO James B. Johnston about the thought process that he undertook in order to decide whether to rent or to buy.

We are finally moving into our own property next week!

Without a doubt, it may sound great not to have to write checks for rent every month. The safety of owning a house is sure to make you feel better, too – provided you don’t end up having financial problems because of owning one, that is. Timing and financing programs aside, there are generally a lot of advantages and disadvantages that comes with buying a house, as well.

Here are several points you will need to take into consideration when deciding between buying vs renting:

Buying a home means that you will gain equity if you keep it for a long time. This is probably the most important factor that comes with home ownership. Aside from that, you will also feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for buying one. Plus, you will get to express your personality and style through your home since you will be free to do with it as you please.

Now, here are several financial factors that you will need to take into consideration when deciding between buying vs renting:

When it comes to buying a home, you are placing money into savings with each monthly payment. Conversely, when it comes to renting a home, you are giving money to somebody else as an expense. Also, each time you pay for your mortgage, part of it will go to your equity. This works like a bank account, where you can draw on it when you need to. Plus, the real estate market keeps going up, so home values keep going up, too.

Buying a home comes with various interesting tax benefits, as well. Every interest payment that you make accounts to deduct taxes later on. This is not how it works when paying for rent.

Having said all of that, buying a home definitely sounds better than renting one right now. However, buying simply isn’t for everybody. Remember: everything has its pros and cons, so you will have to think about every factor involved in buying vs renting before making your decision.

Here are the responsibilities that you will need to take into consideration when deciding between buying vs renting, for example:

Buying a home is an investment in terms of time. If you are a home renter, you can move around the country as you wish. If you are a homeowner, you ill need to think about managing leaking pipes, mowing lawns and pruning hedges, amongst other things. This is not a problem if you own a condo in the famous KLCC enclave in Malaysia, for example… but if you are in Bridgeport like us then there could be a problem.

When you are a homeowner, you will also end up spending a lot of money on small home improvements and utilities. However, when you are a renter, you may have to pay for utilities as per your rental agreement.

Thinking about the pros and cons that come with buying vs renting can definitely be a challenge since the aforementioned factors might differ from one person to the next. Aside from your financial condition, you shouldn’t forget to think about your responsibilities in the matter and the overall benefits of each aspect, either. This way, you can make the smartest decision for you in the end. Now with our own place, we can run courses like the Africats Method out of our conference rooms.

Hope you get some benefit from reading this piece. Thank you for reading!

-James B Johnston, PhD (Westminster), CEO, Africats Organization

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Playing Mind Games With Women

Hi readers,

This week, Africats resident dating guru Charlie McKenzie has this to say on the subject of mind games.

“If you are like most guys, then you want to find ways to control your girlfriend. Unfortunately, a lot of women are very hard to read. It can be very hard to play mind games with your girlfriend if she has a mental barrier intact. It can take a lot of practice to break down this mental barrier, but once you do it can pay off in huge ways. As you probably know, every woman is different so you will have to modify the techniques listed below accordingly. If you implement the strategies listed below, you should be able play mind games with any woman that you encounter. So, how can you play mind games with women? You can do this by “hacking” into her brain, and not use brainwave entrainment. Strange, but true.”

One game that a lot of men will play on a woman is acting like they are ignoring her. This is a wonderful mind game to play on a woman because it will make her feel like she needs you in her life in order to survive. Women do not like being ignored and being ignored makes them realize how much they need you. If you ignore the woman for a few days and then start paying attention to her again, it will increase her dependence on you. You will be able to exert more power over her because she will realize what could happen if she disobeys.

Overcoming Mind Games – The Africats Approach!

If you do not want to completely ignore her, you can always talk to her in brief sentences. If you know that your girlfriend has a weak mind, talking to her in brief sentences can yield the same results as ignoring her. For a few days, you should only respond when necessary. If she asks you how your day was, respond in one word and do not elaborate. When she asks you a question, never ask her the same question back. The goal of talking to her in brief sentences is to make her understand that she has done something wrong. When she realizes that you are upset with her and tries to do things to fix it, you’ll know that you have a lot of power over what she does. The more worried she is about your behavior, the more power you have over her. And if you want to learn how to flirt with a girl, read this article.

A third way to play mind games with a woman is by comparing her to other women. Women are very conscious of how they are perceived by others. You don’t even have to make a direct comparison in order to make your girlfriend jealous. You can say “your sister is so nice” and your girlfriend will take it as you thinking that she is nice than her. You should start out with subtle comparisons and see how she reacts. The more frustrated you see her getting, the more influence you have over her. If she is upset, it means that she values your opinion and recognizes that you hold power in the relationship. if she doesn’t get frustrated about your comparisons, it means that she doesn’t value your input.

The hotter a girl gets, the more likely it would be for her to play mind games. Strange, but true!”

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Improving Relationships & Love Lives (!) – Part 2

This is a continuation from the last blog post which was seen here. This article is contributed by our Africats program coordinator for Tanzania, Kwabena Osai. More information from Mr Osai –

Now you have picked up the woman you want, the next step is to seduce her.

It seems to be hard especially in this complex world we live in. In fact, it is fairly easy. The Animal Kingdom has shared this knowledge to us eons ago, and you must apply it in your personal life. This is what the Africats training course will help you do.

Go watch some movies with great leaders and their wives, like the ‘Lion King.’ In the Lion King because a lion is considered king, like the ‘alpha male’. You are an alpha male already. All you need to do is act like one. You must be confident, secure, and also fun. This is the essence of the Africats Method that we have covered elsewhere in this website.

You must have a cool set of tools (like James Bond – have you seen the latest 007 flick, Skyfall?). Not just the gimmicky gadgets, but what does James Bond has and women is attracted to him so much? He’s got smart clothes, a clean look, piercing eyes, and a nice car. Women actually never know if you got an expensive suit or a cheap one from WalMart. But the main point here is how you present yourself like an ideal man, and with a correct attitude, you will seduce and win women over easily. You can learn how to get a girl to like you from a master seducer like James Bond for sure.

For the attitude part, below some of the tips that some men shared to us who are masters of seduction.

Tips On Presenting Yourself As The Alpha Man

  • Be the Alpha Male – As mentioned earlier, be the Alpha Male. Go watch National Geographic and watch territorial animals like lions or gorillas. The alpha male takes care of the whole family, secures them, and protects them when in danger. Be strong but sensitive also.
  • Push and Pull Technique – This method is used by master seducers. The simple explanation for this method is that a guy tries to push himself further, giving a notion that a guy likes the woman in a serious way. Then at a certain tipping point, you pull back on your affections to the lady. Sort of like making her ‘breathe’ a little. She will then ask for more of that attention and she will come to you aggressively. This is also called ‘fractionation’ in common hypnosis jargon. Scientists are still researching on this field (Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP) and it is regarded as one of the most effective means of seducing women.
  • Use Your Body – Verbal communication is good but not enough – use body language, and you will build that rapport or emotional connection easily. A simple touch of the hand, and you will know immediately if the girl wants to flirt or not. Being together in a vehicle or some area where both of your bodies are together can make ‘sparks fly’ as they say. Animals do it easily, why can’t we?  This method is proven effective if it is executed at the right moment. The recent presidential debate focused much on body language – an analysis can be seen here – body language deconstructed
  • Be in Control – Again, not sounding to be a sexist here, but try to be in control. Women like that. Even if the woman is a manager of a company, she still needs a man who can satisfy her emotionally. Or at least support her. That is what women want. Love. And love equals security and someone who can rely on – whether you have money or not.

If you need more information on our organizational improvement programs (which goes beyond love and relationships) then get in touch with your local Africats Organization coordinator. Thank you!

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Improving Relationships And Love Lives: A Lifelong Mission

Here at the Africats Organization we are committed to improving the quality of life of mankind, and so we are rolling out programs which touch the multiple aspects of a man’s life: career, relationships, health and money. We are especially concerned with the increased need for men to be good with women, and studies have shown that lots of men tend to struggle when it comes to improving their love lives and relationships with women.

We have thus been receiving lots of queries and requests on programs on dating, love and seduction. In order to fulfill these requests, we have engaged a number of dating teachers and love coaches who will be sharing with you some tips, techniques and tricks that can improve your relationships – and in short – give you the “seduction superpowers” to make a girl like you quickly. Read on to discover what these seduction tactics are and reap the benefits almost immediately…

Improving Relationships: An Africats Mission

Most pickup artists would agree that in order to be good at meeting women, you will first need to overcome your fear of approaching them. This is a bigger problem than you may think. Many guys completely freeze out whenever they see a beautiful woman that they want to pick up. One good way to overcome this fear is to use brainwave entrainment programs (which is something that we have previously highlighted in this blog post). Brainwave entrainment works wonders – so use it.

Secondly, practice trumps theory every time. If you want to be good at any particular skill (and this is not limited to dating and seduction), you will have to work at it until you succeed. Therefore, approach as many women as you can. Bring along a friend to encourage you, and also to observe you from afar. He will then be able to comment on your approach and also give you some hints and tips (especially on body language) which you can use to improve your seduction game.

Hook up with your local “seduction lair” and you will be able to connect with like-minded guys who are also in the game of improving their relationship and love skills. Share your knowledge freely and also help out as much as you can. As they say, what goes around comes around, and this is especially true in the game of dating and seduction.

Those few tips should get you started. If you need more tips and techniques on how to seduce a woman and make her fall in love with you then go here –

Bookmark the page, and refer to it from time to time. That’s what I do, and my love life has improved by leaps and bounds. I really like the folks at The Seduction FAQ ( – they really know their stuff. Improving your love and relationship skills is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. Give it a go!

Good luck, and if you need more programs on dating and love then get in touch with your local Africats Organization coordinator. Thank you!

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Become Smarter!

Hey readers,

We here at Africats are here to help you with dating, yoga and meditation. If you are like most people, then you probably have more than one reason for meditating. A lot of people meditate because they want more clarity in their life, while others meditate so that they’ll be able to find inner peace. While these are both great reasons to meditate, you can get meditation to do so much more. Brainwave entrainment is a supplemental meditation exercise that helps synchronize with your brainwaves. When the sounds provided by brainwave entrainment synchronize with your brainwaves, you’ll be able to get much more out of your meditation sessions. So, how can you be smarter with brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is broken down into three main categories, these inclue; Monaural beats, Binaural beats, and Isochronic beats. Be sure to check out the Africats Method by going to:

The reason that brainwave entrainment was broken down into these three categories is because each of these three kinds of beats have different frequencies. As you might have predicted, each of these three beats also helps you get more out of your meditation sessions.

Binaural beats is the category of brainwave entrainment you want to focus on if your goal is to become smarter. Binaural beats are specially formulated sound waves that increase your ability to retain information. If your job requires you to do a lot of memorization, listening to binaural beats is a great way to increase your effectiveness. Many people are very smart, but they just require a stimuli in order to bring it out. If you always thought that you weren’t reaching your full mental potential, then listening to  binaural beats is a wonderful exercise to try. 🙂

Where To Find Brainwave Entrainment Tracks

If you think that binaural beats is something that you would like to try, you should purchase some tracks online. There are many websites available that offer these tracks for very affordable prices. It is important to read the reviews associated with each track before you end up purchasing them. This way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not they are effective. When reading the reviews, it’s important to take the cumulative opinion of the track into consideration. If a track gets on negative comment, don’t immediately discount it. Sometimes certain people don’t respond well to certain tracks and it could just be a “fluke” review. Also, make sure that you have a good audio system in place so that you’ll be able to hear the binaural beats as they were intended to be heard. If your audio system produces fuzzy or low quality sound, it could inhibit your chances of increasing your intelligence. I personally like Bose headphones. They truly rock!

Now that you know more about binaural beats and their ability to increase your mental capacity, you should think about incorporating this practice into your daily meditation session. Incorporating binaural beats into your meditation session is very easy and doesn’t take up any more time than a regular meditation session. Just play the binaural beats in the background when you’re meditating and you should be able to get much more out of your meditation session and your day.

Some Cool Meditation Resources To Check Out

Deepak Chopra Meditation Videos

BBC feature on meditation

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