Touching Me, Touching You

Hello all, Africats is about so much more than mediation (though we are great at it; check out the Africats Method by going to: and yoga tips, we also do dating advice too. And when it comes to dating women, there is nothing more critical in senses than the […] Read more »

Over 50? The Worst Mistakes You Make on a Date

Hey guys, so today’s post is for those you’re 50 and single. Africat’s is there for you at all stages of dating; not just for yoga and meditation advice. Be sure to check out the Africats Method by going to: So whether it’s by choice, chance, or pure misfortune, […] Read more »

Become a “Better” You

Hi there readers, As a seasoned webmaster, I know that Africat’s is all about self-improvement and meditation can be a big step towards that. Start off by checking out the Africats Method by going to: But how do you actually make yourself better? How do you become a “better” […] Read more »

Fashionista Seduction Advice

To my readers, I know a thing or two about being fashionable myself, I personally spend a lot of time looking good for seminars and events, but actually most women are fashionistas by nature……so men, look your best all the time. Men are generally used to having somebody else choose […] Read more »